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"I just received the canvas wrap of Inspiration of Spring Meadows. I have been looking for years for the perfect picture for above my mantel and now I found it! It exceeded my expectations and it is so fun to discover the little details in the picture. Thank you for bringing beauty into my home."

-JoAnn, Colorado

"I received the painting. [The Sweet Garden Canvas Wrap]; it's beautiful. You were right, it's much more beautiful than on the computer. I will be ordering another painting. Thank you!"

-Irivalda, California

"Being very eager and happy as I opened the boxes - it felt just like Christmas! I was thrilled to see the paintings and the canvas really does make them look great. I love them! I appreciate your taking care of my order so quickly. I am proud to hang your paintings in my home and I will tell everyone about them. I am satisfied and more than pleased with all you did and dealing directly with you. . .your paintings bring me contentment and peace. I feel so blessed." -Rosemary, Pennsylvania

"Just received my order; more beautiful than the picture online! I am very satisfied." -Karen, California

"Wanted to let you know we received your beautiful paintings today! I love them both but the large one is so much more beautiful than I ever thought it would be." -Teresa, Georgia

". . . I told him about the 30 X 40 canvases--how gorgeous they are!! Again, we want to thank you! We are telling as many people as possible about your beautiful artwork. We are THRILLED with these pictures!!!" -Marguerite, Illinois

"My wife LOVED the painting!! We have it in a prominent place in our house with perfect lighting. EVERYONE who's seen it so far has REALLY liked it! Even my 12 year old son keeps talking about it. Think I will have to get another one for my wife's birthday coming up in February! Thanks again!" - Alan, Georgia

Welcome to the Official Website of

Chuck Pinson -- Art for Inspired Living

Welcome to the official website of Chuck Pinson-- Art for Inspired Living. The purpose of this online art gallery is for an uplifting escape into the glowing light and colorful detail of the peaceful scenes, as they speak to each person in an individual way. Perhaps somewhere in the scenic paintings lie idyllic dreams, inspiring messages, nostalgic memories of simpler times, or romantic getaways, even if only experienced as wall art. May you find the blessings of peace, relaxation, motivation, or inspiration to better live each day to the fullest and with the light of God's love. These inspiring pictures are meant for people of all backgrounds, religions, and worldviews. Since Chuck has devoted himself to following the teachings of Jesus and the Christian way, some of his paintings contain a spiritual aspect. Thus, some Bible inspired pictures might fall into the category of spiritual art or Christian art. Sometimes soaking up inspired pictures drawn from the teachings of the Bible can be encouraging and motivational, similar to reading inspirational Bible verses. Other popular inspirational pictures celebrate the outdoors, wildlife, nature, scenic landscapes, romance, and all the spectacular scenery we see in Creation. With a nostalgic view into the past, many of the farm, country, and mid-century themed pieces carry the influence of folk and traditional art, but are finished in a more polished and contemporary way than the style of the Old Masters or turn-of-the-century Luminism artists. And one might enjoy finding the subtle humor portrayed in the slightly funny inspirational pictures, "Share the Outdoors" and "The Sweet Garden."

In the Romantic Realism art genre, comparison and contrast among artists like Thomas Kinkade, Terry Redlin, G. Harvey, Christian Lassen, and others can be made, but just like every mountain or tree is unique, every artist is unique in their own way. And each has subtle style variation and subject matter in popular theme and form. One important difference between such artists and Chuck Pinson fine art is price difference and affordability. While many other artists, cater to the high-priced, limited-edition market, Chuck has made every effort to make all his art affordable, including the canvas art and paper prints products. The artwork is also available as free inspirational wallpaper, which is downloadable for those who subscribe. So art lovers and collectors of all budgets can find great quality and high-end value without the thousand dollar price tag on open edition work.

Art collectors often find value in owning original art. Rarity, authenticity, exclusivity, investment value, and appreciation potential are factors some consider, but the most important part is whether the painting makes you feel good and makes your space more enjoyable. While limited-editions can offer enjoyment and value given various factors, historically, original paintings tend to be the most valued over original investment. Chuck does not currently offer a limited-edition line. But original paintings are available directly from the artist at pre-show prices, currently.

We all enjoy great content in various formats, some resonating with us more than others. Our lives can be enriched by listening to motivational speeches, reading inspirational sayings, digesting inspirational words, or gazing at inspirational wall art. While this site is primarily dedicated to Chuck Pinson's inspirational wall art, other uplifting and encouraging content will be published on Chuck's blog site, at www.PrinciplesForInspiredLiving.com. The blog site will be updated with more inspirational videos, articles, and motivational thoughts that go with specific paintings or are inspired by theological reflection. Our lives are impacted by where we choose to put our focus, what we listen to, and what we see everyday. And we are happier when we seek God with our whole heart, seeking to fill our minds with truthful messages, uplifting content, inspiring pictures, and good inspirational quotes about life and faith. To receive such content, join both the mailing list on this site (for art) and the mailing list for Principles For Inspired Living.

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Inspiration of Spring Meadows
Inspiration of Spring Meadows
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Space for Reflection
Space for Reflection
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The Colors of Life
The Colors of Life
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The Sweet Garden
The Sweet Garden
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"Wow!Very beautiful! I could sit and look at this painting for hours. I am putting this on my Christmas list!Your work is all beautiful. I love all of your heartwarming storytelling images!"

-Cathy, Ontario, Canada

"It is totally an 'AH' scene that just makes all tension just melt away!"

- Wes and Dotty, Oregon

"This really speaks to me! I wish I could fill an entire wall in my house of just your work! Food for the soul!"

- Bonnie, Louisiana

"Superb! Outstanding! Amazing! Emotional and Tranquil. I love this more than any other piece I have seen! I may have to save for a little while but one day this will hang in my living room. It brings such Joy to my heart and Peace to my Soul."

- Sara, Ohio

"Full resolution is astounding!"

- Karon, Missouri

"The more I look at your work the more I grow to love it!"

- Joyce, New Zealand

"It's not just a painting ....it is that painting. A masterpiece in its highest perfection!!!"

- Sven, Germany