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Two Medium Inspirational Art Prints

Two Medium Inspirational Art Prints
High Quality, Inexpensive Paper Art Prints
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Get any 2 medium size paper prints of your choice.  Simply add this product to your cart.  Then, at checkout, indicate the titles of the images you desire in the "comments" section.  Except for images indicated below, the default size will be either 18x24" or 18x27"  (HxL), depending on the aspect ratio of the image.  If you prefer a custom size, please specify in the "comments" section at checkout.


- Archival Giclee Print on High Quality Paper.

- Unframed

- Rolled in a Tube for Shipping.

- Great Quality Guaranteed


Size exceptions: The following images can be printed up to the size listed  (HxL).

Autumn Bridge           15x20

Sanctuary                   15x20

Christmas Deer          15x20

Sailing Serenity            12x16

Steps of Providence     20x15

American Roots         15x20
Overflow of Blessing   20x15

Salem House                 15x20

Sunset Overlook          15x20

Washed Ashore         15x20


*All other images not listed here will be printed at the default size of 18" high, unless otherwise specified.

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"Wow!Very beautiful! I could sit and look at this painting for hours. I am putting this on my Christmas list!Your work is all beautiful. I love all of your heartwarming storytelling images!"

-Cathy, Ontario, Canada

"It is totally an 'AH' scene that just makes all tension just melt away!"

- Wes and Dotty, Oregon

"This really speaks to me! I wish I could fill an entire wall in my house of just your work! Food for the soul!"

- Bonnie, Louisiana

"Superb! Outstanding! Amazing! Emotional and Tranquil. I love this more than any other piece I have seen! I may have to save for a little while but one day this will hang in my living room. It brings such Joy to my heart and Peace to my Soul."

- Sara, Ohio

"Full resolution is astounding!"

- Karon, Missouri

"The more I look at your work the more I grow to love it!"

- Joyce, New Zealand

"It's not just a painting ....it is that painting. A masterpiece in its highest perfection!!!"

- Sven, Germany